We are passionate strategists, creatives and technologists armed with fresh perspectives on the fundamentals of interactive marketing. We know that the best way to drive a brand is through strategic planning and consistent messaging across all media channels—starting online, where most consumers live.

Equal parts right- and left-brained, we are that rare, web-first firm that bridges the gap between branding and technology. Where many creative consultants come up short in the technical execution of an idea, we excel with full-time, on-site developers who are involved every step of the way, ensuring the creative elements can be implemented smoothly and effectively.

We help companies align the brand promise with the product reality by creating communication strategies that connect businesses and consumers in order to build trust, brand loyalty and advocacy in a way that conveys the company’s actual integrity.

Our success is dependent on the people we hire, and we only hire the best of the best. A partner is involved in every project, and every project is led by a subject-matter expert (as opposed to someone that just “handles your account”), so your contact will have intimate knowledge not only of your needs but how to best accomplish them.

Integrity—it’s not just our name; it’s the way we do business.


John Simanowitz: Founder, CEO, Java Junkie

John founded Integrity in 2001 with the goal of creating an interactive/new media agency with uncompromising transparency and authenticity. As a champion of the consumer, he understands that honesty, trust and relationships make up the foundation for any successful brand in today’s economy. Hence the name Integrity.

John serves as the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. As an authority on the practical application of web-based solutions, he solves complex brand, marketing and communication issues for clients nationwide. With broad experiences in branding, marketing,system usability, user behavior, online public relations and interactive social media, John aligns brand promise with product reality. He has led award-winning developments for public and secure projects within the healthcare, education, consumer packaged goods (CPG), technology, entertainment and service industries.

Ed Morrissey: Partner, CCO, Queso Connoisseur

Ed serves as Integrity’s Chief Creative Officer after joining as partner in 2009. Ed is an industry expert in applying creative, user-centered developmentprinciples to help businesses extend their brands online and better connect with their customers, as well as their employees, partners and investors.

Having built his last firm to be named one of AdWeek’s Top 50 Interactive Agencies, Ed has developed web-based solutions for a variety of clients within industries including technology, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, government, oil and gas, media and financial services. Ed’s clients have included such brands as AT&T, Bausch & Lomb, Hewlett Packard, JCPenney, Sony, Microsoft, Continental Airlines and Exxon Mobil.

Our Core Values

Building Long-Term Partnerships

We strive to reach common goals through meaningful, long-term partnerships. We judge ourselves more on repeat business than on new work—most of our clients retain our services on an ongoing basis to assist with all their online marketing needs, rather than just hire us for a single project and move on. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have such a close working relationship with clients. They truly view us as partners. Working with an agency vendor shouldn’t be difficult or contentious. After all, we only exist to serve our clients.

Emphasizing Substance Over Style

The user experience is your brand and must be treated as an integral part of the design process. Integrity remains an unwavering advocate of this user-centered design approach for all our clients. Let’s get something clear: we will design you a gorgeous website. We may even win a design award for it. But that is not the goal. First and foremost, every site we built will be functional and will achieve your goals easily and effectively. There are no egos here pushing alternative agendas to design a blue website because blue is trendy—every decision comes down to how it helps further the business goal behind the site.

Working Ourselves Out of a Job

We don’t purposefully lock ourselves into having any client rely on us for continued service and support. Instead, we work hard to empower our clients by helping them better leverage technology themselves to support their overall business objectives. Many of our projects actually end with our taking the time to train our clients to do a job we could easily charge a lot of money for. It’s like old proverb of teaching a man to fish… we want our clients to eat for a lifetime.

Responsive to a Fault

A client shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get in touch with their design firm. No robots; no red tape. We take our client relationships very seriously and we pride ourselves on providing consistent and reliable support. If you call during business hours, a human being will answer the phone. If you email during business hours, someone will get back to you before the day is over. And if you have an emergency, no matter the hour, it’s all hands on deck. Even if that means getting out of bed.